Terms of Services Global Dentist


Terms of Use maintains the right to partially modify or update the terms and prerequisitions of the transactions. Any change of this sort will be notified through the e-shop’s website. In addition, maintains the right to change the website’s content (i.e : price, availability, photos, description etc.) without prior notice.

Provided information and products guarantees the quality, plenitude and validity of the information that are provided in its website under the reservation of technical and typing mistakes, that cannot be predicted or they have been made in voluntary or by the suspension of the website’s function due to force majeure. At the same time it keeps the right to change the content of the website, without prior notice at any time and these changes are valid from the moment they occur and their direct post in the internet.

Users’ responsibility

The users of the e-shop state and accept that they will not use it and its content, for any legal, unethical, offensive and malevolent way. They also state that the data they provide during the use of the e-shop and its contents are absolutely accurate and precise. Finally, they state that they take full responsibility for the use of the e-shop and their accounts from non-authorized by them individuals, as well as the compensation of any damage this use will inflict on or / and any other of its partners.

Responsibility restriction is not responsible for any mistakes in the prices, characteristics or photographs and maintains the right to change any prices without prior warning. It is also not responsible for any damages that may occur from the execution or not of their order. At the same time, it holds no responsibility for direct-indirect, positive or negative damage (i.e : leaking profits, suspension of the companies operation, loss of data, loss of clients etc. ) which might occur while the e-shop is operating or is being used. The users-clients are exclusively respond to grade and for the choice of the products and services that are offered by the website and the holds no responsibility for the rightness of the users’ choice or any incompatibility among the products-software-services that are provided by it. The transport of the products, if it is needed, is made on behalf and with the clients responsibility. is not responsible for flaws or the bad quality of other manufacturers products that are available to its clients, because these products are receives from their suppliers or / and their manufacturers, packed in closed boxes. If there is a flawed or problematic product you must contact with the globaldentist representative and you will be immediately serviced by the replacement of the damaged product or by getting a refund 97(see products return). Finally, globaldentist is not binded for the availability of the products, the way it is reported in the e-shop, but takes up the obligation to inform the users in case the availability of an ordered product is different from the one displayed in the website.


In the cases that the products that you have ordered are not available, you will be informed by e-mail or by a phone call for the exact delivery time. If you agree with the new delivery time, you have to inform us by e-mail or sending a fax that are you are aware of it and that you desire your order to stay active. If you are not satisfied by the new terms of the orders execution, it will be cancelled.

Force majeure

If, by reasons of force majeure (i.e bad weather conditions, strikes etc.), we are not possible to deliver to you the products or our services within the predetermined time, we will inform you so that you can state whether you want your order executed under these circumstances.

Order’s cancellation

An order can be cancelled in the following cases:

  1. Before your order is complete, during the electronic process of the order, you can remove the quantities of the products from your basket by clicking the delete button and then refresh. Correspondingly you can alter the quantity of the products you have chosen to zero,
  2. If the electronic order is complete, but the product has not yet been delivered to your place, you can call at 2463053600 and an associate will undertake its cancellation (the cancellation of your order).
  3. After the delivery of your product, call us at 2463053600
  4. In case your order has already been invoiced and you wish it cancelled, then contact the client service department at 2463053600 and give your order’s data. An associate will undertake the cancellation of your order and will inform you on your choices.

Products’ prices

In the prices VAT (23%) is included.

Personal information is binded to protect the users of the website and clients’ personal information following the law No. 2742/97 concerning the protection from processing the personal information. Your personal information is asked, record and used only for your service from our company’s e-shop. It will not by any case be given to other companies without your permission, while based on the protection of personal information law you can have access to them whenever you wish to. Finally, provides the possibility to any of its users who no longer wishes to use the website and the services it provides, to submit a user delete request from its file. In this case all the user’s personal information and data are being deleted and cease to being used.