Brand: Implant System

Product code: C-SAILOR

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Feature: Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation 1. Standard push button reduction geared (20:1) contra angle 2. Available for standard reduction handpiece 3. Autoclave repeatable. Original Switzerland surgical brushless motor 1. Speed is from 300 rpm to 50000 rpm , high torque and wide speed range for all kinds of treatment. 2.Maximum torque is 210 w / 55 N.CM, powerful torque output can be efficient cutting bone. 3. Unmatched stability , no overheating , silent and vibrate lower. 4. Wide speed range : motor speed 300 - 50000 rpm/min , 20:1 contra angle speed 15-2500 rpm/min. 5. Comply with international standards waterproof IPX4. Foot control pedal 1. Multi functional foot pedal , could achieve all the operating functions. 2. Easy and flexible. Intelligent cooling system 1. Hand control and foot control. 2. Inner and external channel cooling and wash. 3. Quiet and strong water pump. 4. 5 speed adjustive water supply : 50 - 100 ml/min. High performance control system 1. Big LED Screen , control easy. 2. 10 Kinds of the reduction contra angle to choose. 3. 10 Setting program , preset the speed of air motor , cool down the liquid amount and the torque , reverse and specific speed , precise torque and speed control. 4. No carbon brush motor can realize stepless speed regulation.