Shipment Methods

Shipping Ways


Delivery via a courier company

 Your order is delivered to the address given to us through your order by a courier company. The delivery takes 7-14 days from the dayofpaymentorder,except to some withdrawn and secluded parts of the country, where the delivery time might reach a period of 3 weeks.


Only a transport company delivers large volume appliances


In case of you being in secluded and withdrawn areas where the courier network is unable to reach you or there is extra economic burden, you will be informed prior to the shipment by one of the company’s representatives.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods


1.Payment the moment you receive your order at your place (delivery method)


You can pay off your order when it is delivered at your place. According to the current tax arrangements since 03/01/2012 receipts over 1500€ for persons (retail receipt)and receipts over 3.000€ for businessmen and companies (selling invoice) must be paid off ONLY by the following ways:


  1. Deposit remittance in a bank account
  2. Charging a credit card or a debit card


2.Payment by deposit in a bank


If you do not have a credit card or you cannot easily be in your home the hours we deliver, you can pay off your order through a bank account. Prepay your order in one of the following accounts of the bank that we cooperate.








Send us the copy of the bank payment order by fax at the 2463055066 or by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When we receive the copy, we will send you your order.


If you are using Web Banking, you can deposit the sum and send us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the deposit receipt. Choose the bank that you want from above (by clicking on each bank) and you will be transferred to the web banking page of yo.ur bank.


3.Payment by credit card


The e-shop accepts all credit cards Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress καιDiners. Your transactions at our e-shop are protected by superior systems of online security (SSL-128 bit, digital verification from verisign inc) which guarantee a secure transactions environment in most of the 500 biggest companies worldwide.


In a secure order form, fill in all the necessary fields (card number, expiring date and issuing bank). The owners of American Express cards will have to fill in the date of the credit card.


In case you choose to use a credit card you will have to be present during the delivery of your order, having on you your credit card and your ID. In this case (payment by credit card) a third person is NOT ALLOWED to receive your order. The owner of the credit card must have on him the credit card and his ID to pick up his order from the store. The same applies for a company order. In this case, the card must be a company one and the receiver’s name must be on the card.

Privacy Policy

Personal information is binded to protect the users of the website and clients’ personal information following the law No. 2742/97 concerning the protection from processing the personal information. Your personal information is asked, record and used only for your service from our company’s e-shop. It will not by any case be given to other companies without your permission, while based on the protection of personal information law you can have access to them whenever you wish to. Finally, provides the possibility to any of its users who no longer wishes to use the website and the services it provides, to submit a user delete request from its file. In this case all the user’s personal information and data are being deleted and cease to being used.


Product return

In case you desire to return the products you purchased because you are not contented or not fully satisfied, you can do so within 5 working days since the date you received your order. The products must be in the order you received them, the packaging must be intact and unsealed and they have to be escorted by the receipt or the invoice. In that case you will only be burdened with the returning expenses. The company is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the product during the returning process. Immediately after we receive the returned products and after the company makes sure that their packaging is in perfect condition, plus that the specific product has been sold by it, a representative will contact you so that you can arrange the way you would prefer your refund. The refund will take place within 15 days from the date our company received the returned product. In case of you wanting to return goods that have malfunctioned and are covered by a guarantee by, then the product is returned and the support department of will contact you and will inform you on the repayment process of the specific product or its replacement if it is beyond repair. All the above are not valid if the damaged product is covered by a guarantee directly by the manufacturer or its delegation. In any case, prior to the return of the goods for any reason, please contact the customer service.


Dear colleagues

The need for direct purchase of dental and medical products - materials, tools , machinery, equipment , consumables - without the mediation of many representatives and with the least burden on physicians , provided the impetus for the creation of the company GLOBALDENTIST. This need became urgent in the context of today's complex and competitive critical economic environment in which the modern physician is asked to open his business , to maintain a viable and competitive and deliver quality manner with valuable services.

The GLOBALDENTIST, via the online store retailer of dental and medical products and, is a company that just emerged in the critical period of economic recession experienced by Greece , but all countries particularly regional Europe. The scientific medical potential , especially young dentists and physicians of all specialties , has more than ever need methodical professional support and guidance to face difficult times and to offer its services in the most efficient way possible . The GLOBALDENTIST aims to help direct this project , through research , find and offer the best - quality and cost - solutions needed by modern and contemporary dental clinic to operate simultaneously qualitative and profitably .

The company , based on years of experience in the dental field , continuously monitors all developments taking place in the global market for dental and general medical products , updated daily for the proposed new developments in the field and new products in circulation, is in constant contact with existing and potential suppliers - manufacturers and seeks close collaboration with suppliers of those products as reliably assess interests and yet under the price-quality ratio , without the mediation of intermediate channels that add cost time and money and no commitment promotion of specific companies . It is in this way able to offer a wide range of high quality products at the lowest possible price, with only the best interests of its clients - fellow doctors , which passes on to final customers are patients - consumers of medical services .

In this online store you will find products tested , accredited quality with CE, placed on the market after strict quality checks and offered at the best prices , after extensive research and evaluation. The product range is wide, constantly renewed , according to your own needs , and includes, inter alia , dental machinery and equipment , dental supplies and tools , dental ( see categories as the site).
Under the above product categories you can search by category and manufacturer , multiple individual products , which are described in detail as to their essential characteristics, indications , usage , advantages and honor , that under their password to you easily and quickly select and place them in your shopping cart .

Moreover , through regular browsing the company's website , you have the opportunity to benefit from the current offerings , be informed about new products and techniques to events , reports or publications that interest you , share your comments with the company and colleagues . The website and product lines are fed and refreshed on a daily basis in order to meet your every need .

Further , the company promotes the personalized service and two-way communication with customers - members. The GLOBALDENTISTme joy and available for immediate convenience consider any comment , any questions or comments , in order to continuously improve the offered value you receive. If you can not find what you are looking for , please contact us in any way, or fill out the appropriate form in order to cover direct your specific needs !

The GLOBALDENTIST aims to be a supporter of the ongoing effort of fellow dentists and doctors of all specialties to offer high quality services to their customers , with absolute professionalism and accountability .

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