Dear colleagues

The need for direct purchase of dental and medical products - materials, tools , machinery, equipment , consumables , without the mediation of many representatives and with the least burden on physicians , provided the impetus for the creation of the company GLOBALDENTIST. This need became urgent in the context of today's complex and competitive critical economic environment in which the modern physician is asked to open his business , to maintain a viable and competitive and deliver quality manner with valuable services.

The GLOBALDENTIST, via the online store retailer of dental and medical products and, is a company that just emerged in the critical period of economic recession experienced by Greece , but all countries particularly regional Europe. The scientific medical potential , especially young dentists and physicians of all specialties , has more than ever need methodical professional support and guidance to face difficult times and to offer its services in the most efficient way possible . The GLOBALDENTIST aims to help direct this project , through research , find and offer the best - quality and cost - solutions needed by modern and contemporary dental clinic to operate simultaneously qualitative and profitably